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PRANA is an integrated marketing and media relations firm offering a full suite of services for entertainment properties including music artists, theaters, brands, corporations, small businesses and healthcare. Prana understands the increasing shift of power for consumers in the ever-changing world they live in particularly the new digital space, and can quickly and effectively tailor one’s message so that it will be seen and heard through the all media outlets. Utilizing all distribution channels, PRANA is a one-stop agency that produces results.

Through traditional, digital and new media, Prana creates strategic marketing campaigns that include publicity, advertising, on-line marketing, social media, graphic design, copy writing, radio spots, TV spots, website design thus creating a brand identity. What sets Prana apart from other agencies? Prana is known for connecting clients with opportunities. Prana will develop the right solutions to insure that the message is delivered and received by the proper demographic.